Whose Child Am I? + Weekend Murders (Drive-in Double Feature #18) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

Two Grindhouse 1970's Drive-In Thrillers... One Great Price!

WHOSE CHILD AM I? [aka "Feelings"] (1976): In this cult classic 1974 thriller directed by Gerry O'Hara and starring Kate O'Mara, Paul Freeman and Edward Judd, a couple who are unable to conceive a baby and attempt artificial insemination and blackmail, dark secrets and drama ensue.

THE WEEKEND MURDERS (1970): When a family in mourning travel to an estate to hear the reading of a will they find themselves in grave danger when they are murdered one by one.


Bonus Materials

  • Whose Child Am I: New 2K master presented in 1.85:1 from only known 35mm print with color correction.
  • Weekend Murders: New 2.35:1 HD master created by Dark Force with all new color correction with restoration
  • Weekend Murders: Audio Commentary with star Peter Baldwin
  • Weekend Murders: Interview with actor Peter Baldwin
  • Dark Force 'Drive-In Mode' featuring four drive-in horror movie trailers