A HUGE part of our business is buy/sell/trade.  Many people have already mailed us their trade-ins for store credit and you can too! 
Do you have some weird books but want Vinegar Syndrome slipcovers? Video games for Wiccan literature?
Bad taxidermy for Gamecube games? Yes! We we will take your treasures for cash or credit.  Here's what we are always looking for, but contact us, you never know...
Boutique movie companies: Criterion, Anchor Bay, Arrow, Shout!, etc.
Video games and consoles
Anime or anything Japanese culture related
VHS: collectible only like horror, Nickelodeon, direct to video trash, etc.
Wrestling movies, toys, magazines and memorabilia
Zines: movies, music, etc.
Rare books
80s - 00s nostalgia.  Is it time for a Ben 10 revival? Who knows!

Our Pricing Philosophy

How am I pricing my movies?  Simple really. 
Anything that I buy wholesale will never be sold for more than list price. 
Anything that customers trade to us AFTER a title goes out of print will be sold at market rates.  Example: the Scream Factory Friday the 13th box set has a list price of $150.  We will never sell them for more than $150, even after it goes out of print, as long as it's from our wholesale stock. 
However, if we buy an oop copy from a customer for a trade-in after we run out, we will price it at market value.