Retro Style Mari Lwyd Holiday Cutout Decoration


Here to help you celebrate the winter solstice in a festive way is this jointed retro-inspired Mari Lwyd art print cutout decoration! 

Each jointed Mari Lwyd comes with five jointed pieces, joined with metal posing eyelets like the classic decorations of long ago. Each decoration measures 26" tall and is fully posable. 

Mari Lwyd is a Welsh custom that has been linked to many Yule celebrations in the past several years. The custom involves mounting a horse's skull on a pole and decorating the skull with a cloth and other adornments. The celebration then commences as celebrators visit neighbors with song while showing off the adorned spirit of Mari Lwyd.

My particular take on this custom has the spirit of Mari Lwyd enchanted and leaving its pole to instead haunt the villagers this holiday season.

All of my cutout decorations come printed on sturdy card stock and are ready to display out of the package. Each set of cutouts comes in a resealable festive package to make sure they can be used year after year with care.