Rambo: First Blood Part II (4K UHD, Region Free/B) w/SLIP

Type: New 4K UHD

blu-ray disc is region b


Fully restored for the first time ever, Rambo: First Blood Part II picks up three years after the events of First Blood. Vietnam veteran John Rambo (Sylvester Stallone – Rocky, Creed, The Expendables) is offered a prison pardon in exchange for accepting a perilous mission: infiltrating communist Vietnam under deep cover to hunt for evidence of missing American servicemen. His CIA handler Marshall Murdock (Charles Napier) insists that it is merely a reconnaissance operation. “Do not engage the enemy,” Rambo is ordered, “Just take pictures.”

After a disastrous parachute drop, Rambo is left stranded in the jungle with only his combat knife and bow and arrows to protect him.

Rambo takes the 80s Part 2
We get to win this time
Action in the Jungle
The Last American POW
Sean Baker - Fulfilling a Dream
Interview with Sylvester Stallone
Interview with Richard Crenna
Behind the Scenes
The Restoration
How to become Rambo Part 2
Original Trailer
Original TV Spots
Director George P. Cosmatos
Audio Commentary