It! The Terror From Beyond Space

Type: New Blu-Ray

Summoned to the silver screen by sci-fi specialist Edward L. Cahn (Curse of the Faceless Man)—and too terrifying to even have a name!—“It” is a seemingly invincible monster that is hell-bent on killing everybody on a mission to Mars. This life-devouring alien brushes aside bullets and even nuclear blasts—making it one very cold-hearted Cold War-style invader. When his crew is brutally murdered on a Mars expedition, Commander Carruthers (Marshall Thompson, First Man into Space) becomes the prime suspect. Taken into custody and facing a court-martial back on Earth, he discovers that the real killer—a grotesque, slithering “It”—has stowed aboard the earthbound ship. But the indestructible creature has already begun a harrowing in-flight rampage, knocking off the members of the crew one by one. Now, as the spaceship heads home toward a panic-stricken Earth, the remaining crew must find some way to stop the unstoppable…“It.”

Special Features:
• Brand New HD Master – From a 2K Scan of the 35mm Fine Grain
• tidbITs: Ephemera from Beyond Space - Featurette by Film Historian Craig Beam
• NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historians Tom Weaver, Bob Burns, Larry Blamire and David Schecter
• NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian Craig Beam
• NEW Audio Commentary by Film Historian/Screenwriter Gary Gerani
• Theatrical Trailer
• Reversible Art
• Optional English Subtitles