Rymdinvasion i Lappland AKA Invasion of the Animal People (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Swedish import, not all extras may be English friendly!


Science Fiction of 1959 by Virgil Vogel with Stone Gestures and Barbara Wilson. Senseless Swedish-American science fiction of hairy giant monsters running amok among the Sami people of Lapland and researchers, supervised by the pale aliens in anorak! A UFO strikes in a wintry Lapland. American and Swedish researchers draw north to the National Järvi to do research. Dr.. Wilson's beautiful daughter, Olympic star, Diane, is dedicated to showering and skate until she is kidnapped by a six meter high hairy monster who earlier described the Sami reindeer. In the meantime, sit aliens in his ship and monitor developments. The hairy beast attacking horny, Sami and scientists, but with torches, knives and spears, they fight back.


Bertil Jernberg in Lapland: Interview with film producer for the film Gallery: Unique Images from the movie and the recording Biographies and movie facts Short films: "13 Demon Street: Icy passion" ("The Girl in the Glacier") Section from rysar TV series by the team behind "Space Invasion of Lapland!" Uncle Melker is an archaeologist. He finds a naked stone-age girl in a block of ice falls in love and murdering colleague that threatens to melt the ice! Directed by Curt Siodmak, Sweden / USA 1960 with Torsten Lilliecrona, Sarah Hart. Length: 23 min "Lapland Reindeer Ritual" See the young Saami women's age-old rituals.