Hollywood's Legends of Horror Collection

Type: Used Movies

Mark of the Vampire: Are the bloodsuckers back? Bela Lugosi dons the dark cape, and Tod Browning (Dracula) directs with great style. The Mask of Fu Manchu: Beware the death ray of evil Fu Manchu (Boris Karloff) and don't trust his temptress daughter (Myrna Loy)! Doctor X: Science or madness? Lionel Atwill has a method for catching a killer. With scream queen Fay Wray and in rare two-strip Technicolor. The Return of Doctor X: Bogie needs blood! In his most famously atypical role, Humphrey Bogart is a once-dead fiend brought back to life. Mad Love: Play murder for me! Surgeon Peter Lorre replaces a famed pianist's hands with the hands of a killer. Directed by Karl Freund (The Mummy). The Devil-Doll: Meet the living terrors of Lionel Barrymore's toyshop. Tod Browning (Freaks) directs. Maureen O'Sullivan co-stars.