Flossie + Keep It Up (Drive-In Double Feature #15)

Type: New Blu-Ray

FLOSSIE: A young embassy officer in Stockholm has an unexpected and mysterious encounter with a strange woman who introduces the fascinating, yet inexperienced "Flossie" (Marie Forså) to him with the intention to gently and softly seduce her.

KEEP IT UP, JACK: A failed music hall performer inherits a brothel when his aunt dies. He takes over the running of the business and falls in love with its star attraction, beautiful prostitute Virginia.



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  • 'Keep It Up Jack' stars Mark Jones (The Empire Strikes Back) and Frank Thornton (Gosford Park)
  • 'Flossie' was written and directed by Mac Ahlberg (as Bert Torn) who went on to be the Directory of Photography / Cinematographer of the Hollywood hits Striking Distance, Beverly Hills Cop III, From Beyond and Re-Animator!
  • 'Flossie' stars Marie Forså (Bibi, Butterfly) and Jack Frank (Swedish Confessions, Second Coming of Eva)
  • New HD transfers made from the only known existing 35mm prints.