Enter the Dragon 40th Anniversary Edition w/HARDCASE USED

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Enter the Dragon would have been a B-grade James Bond knockoff were it not for the presence of Bruce Lee, whose unheralded combination of physical grace, martial arts skill, and uncanny charisma made him an international star. Sadly, the movie was released after his unexpected death--which only fueled his legendary status. The 40th Anniversary Edition of Enter the Dragon, out on Blu-ray (which makes the movie's stunning room-of-mirrors climax even more eye dazzling), comes packed with extras: warm-hearted featurettes on the making of the movie and a commentary full of fond memories by the movie's producer, Paul Heller; an extensive examination of Lee's career and the mystery surrounding his death; interview footage with Lee and a series of interviews with his widow, Linda Lee Cadwell; a featurette on wing chun, the martial arts discipline that underlies kung fu; a somewhat inexplicable series of philosophical interviews with people like boxer Sugar Ray Leonard and actor George Takei; and more. Also included are some photos and even an iron-on patch, a very 1970s touch. But out of all this material, perhaps the most compelling and even moving extra feature is a compilation of some brief home movies of Lee demonstrating martial arts moves in his backyard. Lee's enthusiasm and focus, sweetly youthful but displaying his mesmerizing physicality, will make his fans feel his loss all the more