Doomed Megalopolis: The Last Megalopolis w/SLIP *see note

Type: New Blu-Ray

Media Blasters slips are rarely in good condition, see photos please.  They always come to us like this, most likely all of their slips everywhere look like this?


This live-action, supernatural thrill-ride features stunning creature designs by H.R. Giger of ALIEN fame! A psychic, Yasunori Kato, plots to destroy Tokyo and revert the city back to it's ancient origins as a desolate 'holy ground.' This leads Kato to resurrect Masadako, hoping that he will seek vengeance on Tokyo. But Kato's first step is to impregnate Masadako's living descendent, Yukai. Just as he's about to demolish Tokyo with a massive earthquake, Masadako does not awaken but instead lashes out at Kato. When Kato tries to kidnap Yukai's daughter, a woman warrior confronts Kato to prevent the girl's sacrifice and the impending apocalyptic doom! For it's time, THE LAST MEGALOPOLIS was a box office smash and one of the most expensive Japanese fantasy productions of that decade. It introduced many of the mythical tropes now commonplace in Japanese fantasy media including the character of Kato, who went on to influence and appear in video games (Street Fighter), anime and other films. From the producer of classic J-horror hits that spawned Hollywood remakes such as RINGU, JU-ON and DARK WATER! There was a sequel DOOMED MEGALOPOLIS: THE LAST WAR made the following year