Ghost Riders w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

As the feared outlaw Frank Clements is about to be hung he shouts a curse that will haunt the preachers family for generations to come

Revenge is a hearty meal for phantoms of the prairie! On a dark and haunting night, all that is visible by the campfire light is the breath of vicious lawmen. The local preacher and townspeople gather on a lonesome prairie as the lawless career of desperado Frank Clements is about to end. Just as the hangman's noose tightens around his neck, the most feared outlaw of 1888 shouts a curse of revenge on the town preacher - a curse which will haunt the preacher's family through generations. One hundred years later, unsuspecting of the events in 1888, the town is prospering. Frank Clements and his gang return from hell to seek revenge against the preacher's grandson and his family. The fight against the phantoms from the past proves futile, and they become unwilling victims of bloodthirsty outlaws. Weapons are defenseless against the phantom cowboys - you can't kill what's already dead!



Bonus Materials

NEW! Audio Commentary with director of photography / producer Thomas L. Calloway, writer/producer James Desmarais and moderator Steve Latshaw

NEW! “Bringing Out the Ghosts: The Making of Ghost Riders” (new original documentary)

“Low Budget Films: On the Set of Ghost Riders” (vintage documentary)

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