Blood Stalkers

Type: New Blu-Ray

Mike and Kim and Jeri and Daniel, two couples from the city seeking a relaxing vacation in the backwoods of the Florida everglades, soon find their peaceful getaway trip is becoming a nightmare of unrelenting horror! It begins with the inhuman screams echoing throughout the dead of night, and the unearthly creature stalking the deep swamplands, but ends in a shattering nightmare all too humanly real. The warnings went unheeded... they entered "bloodstalker country"... now they must suffer the consequences.


Garagehouse Pictures proudly presents Robert W. Morgan's grisly drive-in shocker in HD for the first time ever, in a Blu-ray edition positively packed with extras! In the tradition of DELIVERANCE, this film will scare the hell out of you! You will never forget it. Special Features: Audio commentary by Robert W. Morgan moderated by Jeff Stephan "BLOOD STALKERS REVISITED" 2017 documentary short On camera interviews w/ Robert W. Morgan Still Gallery Liner Notes by Robert W. Morgan on the making of BLOOD STALKERS The Mansion of Terror - unproduced screenplay Original theatrical trailer Garagehouse Pictures trailers 1976 / 93 mins. / Color / Mono / 1.85:1 / R / Art by Stephen Romano View the unrestored original THE NIGHT DANIEL DIED trailer for the film here: