Total Recall

Type: New Blu-Ray

Total Recall takes place in the future where for a fee you can take a virtual vacation. Each fantasy costs so many credits and uses imagery provided through cognitive processes and a headset in a comfortable chair. One man has been looking at this service and wants to try it, so he asks some of his coworkers who try to dissuade him. He ignores their advice and is so caught up in the fantasy that he begins to destroy the entire room and until sedated is considered highly dangerous. The head of the unit chastises the operator who told him that she hadn't put him under sedation for the program yet. He has these scenes flashing in his head like deja vu and decides to travel to Mars where another world is awaiting him, some of it real and other parts make believe. A battle ensues where his true identity is finally revealed and the ultimate mission that he must undertake involves a battle between forces on the planet who are intent on keeping the secrets hidden for their own monetary purposes.