The First Power (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Detective Logan (Lou Diamond Phillips, Young Guns) believes he has saved L.A from the satanic serial killer, Patrick Channing (Jeff Kober, Tank Girl), whom the media have dubbed the Pentagram Killer. Unfortunately for Logan, Channing has made a pact with the devil and has gained The First Power - immortality. Now tasked with stopping a dead man who can take the image of anyone, at anytime, Logan buddies up with the beautiful psychic, Tess (Tracy Griffith, Sleepaway Camp 3: Teenage Wasteland), to prevent Channing from carving up more innocent citizens and claiming his revenge on Logan.

Featuring spectacular stunt work, FX from the legendary Ed French (Terminator 2) and a pounding score from Stewart Copeland (Wall Street), this lacerating action-horror hybrid is sure to delight any fan of supernatural slashers and finally makes its way back to UK shelves, in pristine HD, thanks to 88 Films!

Special Edition Contents

Slasher Collection Number 22

High Definition Transfer

Original Stereo Soundtrack

Original Trailer

Trailer Reel

Reversible Sleeve with Alternate Artwork