The Skulls Trilogy

Type: New Blu-Ray



Sex, power, money. The Skulls have it all. Join Joshua Jackson (Fringe, Dawson's Creek), Paul Walker (The Fast and the Furious) and more as they pledge to the elite and secret society known as The Skulls, where anything is possible as long as you're willing to keep their terrible secrets. Loaded with spine-tingling additional features, they are the gripping and suspenseful shockers where privilege comes at the ultimate cost!


The Skulls


When a working-class college student is invited to join the secret society known as The Skulls, he thinks it's a dream come true - until his roommate turns up dead.


The Skulls II


Secrets prove deadly when a Skulls member witnesses a brutal murder in the society's chambers, and his own life is in jeopardy when he tries to expose the truth.


The Skulls III


A young, overachieving coed attempts to pledge the traditionally all-male Skulls, but her willingness to break their taboos will put the lives of everyone around her at risk.