The Sea Shall Not Have Them / Albert R.N.

Type: New Blu-Ray


Two gripping and suspenseful WWII dramas directed by Lewis Gilbert (ALFIE, YOU ONLY LIVE TWICE, THE SPY WHO LOVED ME)!

THE SEA SHALL NOT HAVE THEM (1954): In Lewis Gilbert’s memorable and gripping WWII saga, four Allied men struggle to survive in a lifeboat on the North Sea after their plane is shot down. One of the men carries secret documents that can save London from Nazi destruction. In a daring race against time, will their rescuers save them before Nazi U-boats, stormy seas, exposure, and enemy-mined waters kill them?


ALBERT R.N. (1953): In this World War II drama based on true events, a group of British POWs suspects that there is a German spy in its midst after several escape attempts are foiled. Deftly directed by Lewis Gilbert and supported by Jack Asher’s moody cinematography, ALBERT R.N. stands beside paragons of the genre such as STALAG 17 and THE GREAT ESCAPE.