The Possessed w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

Jacob Chandler (John Jarrat, Wolf Creek) is an ordinary man ... with an extraordinary gift. A true accidental exorcist, Jacob and his nephew Liam have forged a career clearing demons from the bodies of their clients. Lately, something has changed, as possessions are increasing. Jacob fights to keep those he loves safe, the burden weighing heavily on his shoulders. When he crosses paths with Liam's new girlfriend, Atalie Carlisle, he recognizes something in her dark, broken gaze. She too can see what lies beyond the world of the living. Jacob never expected to meet anyone else like himself ... nor did he anticipate needing her help.

When summoned to a hauntingly beautiful homestead with a tragic past, Jacob must call upon all of his experience and Atalie's untrained powers to uncover the layers of demonic deception at play.