The Four Musketeers (4K UHD, Region Free/B) w/SLIP

Type: New 4K UHD


4K discs are Region Free, any blu-rays in this collection will be Region Free. 


One for all and all for one! A epic new 4K restoration of THE FOUR MUSKETEERS, the follow up to 1973 THE THREE MUSKETEERS, reuniting the same A-list cast.  With D’Artagnan now officially enrolled in the king’s service, his army besieges the rebels at La Rochelle and Richelieu is determined to prevent any meddling by the English before the city falls. He dispatches Milady de Winter to London with orders to assassinate Buckingham if necessary. But she has a price — carte blanche to dispose of D’Artagnan and Bonacieux as she sees fit. Our heroes, in between dodging musket balls at La Rochelle, must once again outwit the Cardinal’s henchmen to save the day. But this time the stakes are higher. And tragedy is in the offing.


Neil Sinyard on The Four Musketeers

The Saga of the Musketeers Part 2

Original Trailer