The Evil of Frankenstein

Type: New Blu-Ray

Frozen in ice, can the creature be brought back to live again?

Horror great Peter Cushing stars in this fantastic tale as the monster's creator, Baron von Frankenstein, determined to bring the creature back to life. Long thought destroyed, Dr. Frankenstein's creation is discovered frozen alive and resurrected in his laboratory. Unfortunately, the creature's mind is dormant and, much to the Baron's horror, he finds that only a hypnotist can order the creature to do his unfathomable bidding now.

Bonus Features

NEW 4K Scan Of The Interpositive

NEW Audio Commentary With Filmmaker/Film Historian Constantine Nasr

NEW The Men Who Made Hammer: Freddie Francis

NEW An Interview With Assistant Director William P. Cartlidge

NEW An Interview With Actress Katy Wild

TV Version Of THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN (From The Best Available 16mm Print)

The Making Of THE EVIL OF FRANKENSTEIN – Narrated By Edward De Souza And Featuring Interviews With Wayne Kinsey, Caron Gardner, Hugh Harlow, Pauline Harlow, Peter Cushing, And Don Mingay

A Moment With Actress Caron Gardner


Theatrical Trailer

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