The Book of Sassstia - Temptor Pricnegsur (Paperback) #133/300 USED

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 When we face the question of the nature of Satan, of whether we are dealing with a real being or merely a symbol, we soon come to realize that this is the chief cause for division among Satanists. Only if we accept Satan as a truly existing being with a history and a philosophy of its own, can we then start answering the questions that consequently arise, the chief one which concerns us as Satanists being what would “Satanism” truly be, according to its true founder? It is this question, the true nature of Satanism, that composes the core subject of The Book of Sassstia, a collection of texts and symbolic stories received via psychography by the author, Temptor Princnegsur. It is a manifestation of “Lucifer” through his Envoy “Sassstia”, a dialogue through Direct Correspondence with “Satan and his retinue of demons”.

These texts span the first stage of manifestation of Sassstia in the author’s life, one which would eventually develop into the second stage whence the teachings behind the Satanic phratry Es.Dev.Re.Sa., comprised between The Great Brotherhood of Satan (the invisible and obscure part of Es.Dev.Re.Sa.) and The Devil’s Amanuenses (which is its visible and earthly part), are being received, and it is now being made available for the first time in English.