Taxidermy Gone Wrong

Type: Books

Rob Colson

Hardcover, 96 pages

Discover the strange and hilariously horrifying world of taxidermy around the globe with this eccentric and darkly humor photographic collection.

From musical mice and basketball playing bengals to gun-toting rodents and lawnmowing moles, Taxidermy Gone Wrong is a wonderfully weird collection of curiosities that will amuse and astonish. Bringing together scenes nature never intended, this full-color volume showcases a wide range of bizarre creations on display and available for sale around the world. From a swearing squirrel in a London antiques shop to a murderous mouse serving arsenic in a New York storefront, no animal—or macabre tableau—is off-limits. Taxidermy Gone Wrong presents the very best—or perhaps the very worst—of these bizarre anthropomorphic reconstructions.