Suspiria (Cult Films UK, Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Dario Argento personally introduces this CultFilms 4K restoration of Suspiria by saying ‘I hope that you are ready’… We are ready. This 4K restored 40th Anniversary edition has reinstated the crucially distinct colour palette for the first time in accordance with Argento’s original ‘Technicolor Dye Transfer’ specifications, finally doing justice to the director’s original expressionist vision and now truly unleashing his hyper ’assault on the senses’ as you’ve never ever experienced it before!

Suzy Bannion is an American student who enrols at a prestigious Dance Academy in Germany where people either disappear or turn up dead, gored and mangled. And everyone behaves very strangely: there’s a demented killer on the loose and Suzy fears she is next. We know she is..!

Running Time: 98mins

Certificate: 18

Format: Blu-Ray

Directed: Dario Argento


4K restoration


• Dario Argento Suspiria 40th Anniversary interview 27’

• Dario Argento introduces his 4K restored Suspiria

• Audio Commentary by Alan Jones and Kim Newman

• Fear at 400 Degrees: Cine Excess interviews Argento, Simonetti et al. 35‘

• Suspiria Perspectives: Cine Excess Critical Comments on a Cult Classic 40’

• The 4K Restoration Process by TLE Films 57’