Summer Time Machine Blues (Region B, Third Window)

Type: New Blu-Ray

From the mind of Makoto Ueda & Europe-Kikaku, the creators of ‘Beyond the Infinite Two Minutes’

Summer Time Machine Blues is a delightful teenage time-travel comedy from 2005 and a cult favourite in Japan. To members of the university Sci-Fi Club, summer means hanging around in the clubhouse with the air-con blasting. When the air-con remote is accidentally broken, the friends are forced to face the full heat of summer. The next day, after an encounter with a mysterious student, they discover an incredible new addition to their clubhouse: a working time machine. Now they can go back to before the remote broke and cool down again. If only time travel was that simple...

Special Features:

  • Interview with creator Makoto Ueda (30 mins)
  • 2 time-travel short films from Makoto Ueda: ‘A Little Fugue of Love’ (14 mins) / ‘Time Machine’ (5 min)
  • Play vs Film Comparison (25 mins)
  • Original Trailer