Slaughterhouse Rock (Region B, DVD)

Type: New DVD

Alcatraz once housed some of America's most infamous criminals but nothing ever inhabited the island like the force of evil encountered by some unprepared youngsters in 1988's fever-dream surrealist horror SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK! Starring rock star Tony Basil and Playboy Playmate Hope Marie Carlton, this mainstay of VHS horror highlights plenty of plastic fantastic frights and plasma-spilling practical special effects galore. Clearly influenced by the NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET series with its story of a supernatural stalker, SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK built up a well-deserved fan base of its own thanks to its marriage of eighties rock with esoteric horror and big haired babes screaming their lungs out! Finally gaining an HD bow from 88 Films - SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK is a terrifying trip into slasher movie history and a thrill ride of crazed and lurid images that no self respecting fear fan can afford to miss!!


4K Remaster from the Original Camera Negative

Uncompressed Stereo Soundtrack featuring music by Devo

Rock 'n' Shock - Back to the Slaughterhouse (An Interview with Jim Harper, author of Legacy of Blood)

Original Theatrical Trailer

Optional English Subtitles