Silence and Cry (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

An elliptical, claustrophobic drama shot in the brilliant, breathtaking long takes that are Jancsó’s trademark, Silence and Cry is set after the fall of the short-lived Hungarian Soviet Republic of 1919. A young soldier, fleeing the anti-Communist manhunt, takes refuge at the isolated farm of a peasant family, who are already under police scrutiny.

The final part of an epic unofficial trilogy, following The Round-Up and The Red and the White, the film explores the cruel mechanics of oppression and resistance within the family, and how they echo the political turmoil that rages outside. The brutal beauty of Silence and Cry reveals the terrible impact of tyrannical power, politics and history.

Special features:
• Presented from a new HD re-master and transfer of the film from original materials, under the supervision of the film’s cinematographer János Kende.
• Presence I / II / III (Jelenlét) - World premiere HD presentation of Jancsó’s renowned but rarely-seen documentary trilogy of short films.
• 12-page booklet featuring a new essay by Tony Rayns
• New and improved English subtitle translation
• Region Free Blu-ray and DVD
• World premiere on Blu-ray