Richard III (Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

Laurence Olivier produces, directs and stars in this glorious adaptation of Shakespeare's masterpiece - Richard III. Having helped his brother King Edward IV (Cedric Hardwicke) take the throne of England, the jealous hunchback Richard, Duke of York (Laurence Olivier), plots to seize power for himself. Masterfully deceiving and plotting against nearly everyone in the royal court, including his eventual wife, Lady Anne (Claire Bloom), and his brother George, Duke of Clarence (John Gielgud), Richard orchestrates a bloody rise to power before finding all his gains jeopardized by those he betrayed. Winner of multiple BAFTAs including Best British Film and Best British Actor this a stunning restoration produced in collaboration with The Film Foundation.


Laurence Oliver's acceptance speech at the British Film Academy Awards 1956 - from British Pathé