Possession (Limited Edition)

Type: New Blu-Ray



A spiral staircase movie, a never-ending metaphysical game of cat-and-mouse, a moral aspiration to the Heavens, a “spotlight” on God, a scornful detective movie, a horror movie and frightful, high-octane baroque work – Possession is all of that at once. It is a film that provokes, but it provokes intelligence above all – not just the merry continuation of our little social mechanisms.


 Possession is a visionary, scathing attack on what could be called an “alien” from within. It is a movie that deliberately goes against the new “dominant ideology”, and takes huge risks. This deep-cutting, biological cinema, delves into the guts to reach the soul. Through its fire, it revives something that a lot of contemporary movies have lost: emotion, and the prospect of the audience reacting, perhaps even throwing up (figuratively?) in front of a screen displaying their own fantasies.






Cannes Film Festival (1981)


- Winner Best Actress, Isabelle Adjani


- Nominee Palme D'or




César Awards, France (1982)


- Winner Best Actress, Isabelle Adjani




São Paulo International Film Festival (1981)


- Winner Critics Award




Fantasporto International Film Festival (1983)


- Winner Audience Jury Award - Special Mention


- Winner Best Actress, Isabelle Adjani


- Nominee Best Film






MONDO VISION presents the first ever North American Blu-ray release of Andrzej Zulawski's POSSESSION (1981) in an all new 2K Digital Transfer supervised and approved by the director. UNCUT & Fully Uncensored, this edition also marks the first ever release of the film in North America in its original Director's Cut.* The film is presented in the original aspect ratio of 1.66:1 along with an uncompressed mono audio soundtrack. This Dual Layer disc has been transferred and encoded using a high-frequency process which preserves as much of the detail and texture from the original film as is possible on the Blu-ray format.






Digitally Restored HD Transfer Approved by Director Andrzej Zulawski [124min]



EXTRAS: [4Hr. 8 Mins.] [All extras except commentary come with Optional English Subtitles in White or Yellow]


The Other Side of The Wall: The Making of POSSESSION [52min]

Audio Commentary with Director Andrzej Zulawski [124min]

Video Interview with Director Andrzej Zulawski [36min]

Video Interview with Translator Eric Veaux [22min]

Theatrical Trailer [3min]

More from Mondo Vision [11min] [collection of 4 trailers from Andrzej Zulawski films]

1) La Femme Publique


2) L'important C'est Da'imer


3) La'mour Braque


4) Szamanka




DISC 2 : SOUNDTRACK CD [ Digitally Remastered ] - This complete 32 track CD consists of all the music composed for the film, plus additional outtakes that did not make the final cut. Track 32 is a Bonus Track and exclusive to this MONDO VISION edition.






84pg Commemorative Booklet - Content rich including 4 Exclusive Essays +  Rare and Insightful Archival Essays & Interviews (retranslated and published for the first time ever in English) + Rare Photos and Artwork.



- POSSESSION: A Brief Review By Tom Huddleston, TIME OUT (2012)


- God Figured as a Public Whore Gone Crazy: Notes on Andrzej Zulawski’s POSSESSION (1981), An Essay By Daniel Bird (2009)


- POSSESSION: An Essay By Jeremiah Kipp (2011)


- Pink Socks and Monsters: Excess in Andrzej Zulawski’s POSSESSION: An Essay By Todd Garbarini (2010)






- "Cinema Superactivity": Extracts From An Interview With Andrzej Zulawski -- By Daniel Bird & Stephen Thrower (Spring 1998)


- Double Apocalypse in Berlin: POSSESSION: By Max Tessier (1981)


- Doubles Working in Concert (POSSESSION): By Hubert Niogret (1981)


- POSSESSION by Andrzej Zulawski: By Max Tessier (1981)


- POSSESSION, Andrzej Zulawski: By Carine Varène (1981)


- The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters: By Stephen Thrower (1998)




8 [ 5x7 ] U.S. Lobby Card Reproductions Inside Custom Envelope

5 [ 4x6 ] Exclusive Art Cards [ Original Paintings Courtesy of French Artist Jean-Philippe Guigou]

1 Japanese Movie Flyer Reproduction

Individually Numbered Certificate Of Authenticity With Unique Serial # [Only 2000 Individually Numbered Sets Produced]





This edition of POSSESSION features a fully illustrated matte laminated Hardcover Box with magnetic enclosure + a separate Hardcover Slipcase with die-cut window. The slipcase is fully wrapped with import European blue velvet. The die-cut window reveals the original poster art from the magnetic box once the slipcase is on. Silver hot stamping is used throughout the packaging to highlight the title and the credits. Inside of the magnetic box features a foldout 6-panel digipak, shiny black trays to hold the Discs + a Hardcover magnetic pocket to store the 84pg booklet and the remaining contents. The silver hot stamping theme is carried throughout the inside. This is MONDO VISION's biggest Limited Edition yet, with a shipping weight of 2.5 pounds (1.13kg) and the following dimensions:


In Inches: 7.9" (H) x 6.1" (W) x 1.67" (D)


In Millimeters: 201 (H) x 155 (W) x 42 (D)


H= Height W= Width D=Depth




Technical Details:


Run Time: 2 Hr. 4 Mins.


Audio Tracks:


1. Original English Mono [dts-HD Master Audio]


2. Audio Commentary


3. Unauthorized Alternate Audio *


Subtitles: English, French, Spanish (optional, in White or Yellow)


Image Format: 1.66:1 Original Aspect Ratio


Disc Type: Dual Layer BD-50 + CD


UPC: 091037398666


Catalog#: MVLE005