Pigs (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

PIGS (1972) – one of the most oddball outings to ever grace the projector of a 42nd Street movie theatre (and that’s really saying something!). Helmed by erstwhile character actor extraordinaire Marc Lawrence, who also stars, writes and produces, PIGS tells of a murder spree that quickly goes out of control – but only a pen of hungry porkers knows where a farm-load of dead bodies are. And they are too busy chewing on the remains to oink in the direction of the bones and bristle… PIGS has not been given a UK screening since the launch of video cassette – which is a misfortune too far because this bloody and brilliant serial-killer thriller – also known as DADDY’S DEAD DARLING – is provocative, unpredictable and really brings home the proverbial celluloid bacon! It might not be BABE, but we would favour this sublime genre jaunt any day of the week!

Starring: Toni Lawrence, Jesse Vint, Catherine Ross

Directed by: Marc Lawrence


Brand new 2K master, restoration by OCN Digital / Vinegar Syndrome

Original Uncompressed Mono Soundtrack

Optional English Subtitles

Theatrical Trailer