Nurse Jill

Type: New Blu-Ray

Jill Danvers is trying to put her life back together after her divorce. But someone is watching her; following her every move. Could it be the merciless rapist she's heard about in the news? Or the strange and beautiful woman she met on the train ride home one night? Soon Jill will have the answers as her world becomes a nightmare of violence and depravity. Why won't they leave Jill alone?

Massacre Video proudly presents writer and director Peter Romeo Lambert's 16mm exploitation odyssey drifts between slasher film tributes and dreamy surrealism as it builds to its shocking climax.


- Audio Commentary Director Peter Romero Lambert and Cinematographer Joe Rubin

- Knife In The Eye - The Making of Nurse Jill

- Teddy's Guest House - Deleted Scene

- Official Trailer

- Stills Gallery

- Trailers for other Massacre Video titles