Nightmare Symphony

Type: New Blu-Ray

Frank is a stressed-out director, trying to complete a seemingly doomed horror film called A Peacock's Tale. Between ongoing arguments with the scriptwriter and producer, Frank faces his own existential crisis and is plagued by terrible nightmares and paranoia. Life begins to imitate art, it seems, when those involved in the film production are butchered by a mysterious masked figure. Can Frank still differentiate between reality and the brutal killings that are based on the movie's script? Nightmare Symphony is a loving tribute to the films of Lucio Fulci and the Italian Giallo. Starring Lady In White's Frank LaLoggia, written by Antonio Tentori (Fulci's Cat in the Brain) and directed by extremists Domiziano Cristopharo and Daniele Trani, this "elegant, stylish and sadistic" horror-thriller also features an amazing soundtrack by Antony Coia and is enhanced by Fabio Frizzi's original theme of terror.

Bonus Materials

  • Exclusive interview with director Domiziano Christopharo
  • Interview with screenwriter Antonio Tentori
  • Behind the Scenes