Motel Hell (4K UHD)

Type: New 4K UHD



You really are what you eat with Farmer Vincent's smoked meat in this creepy horror yarn which "packs a punch that goes way beyond mere terror" (Boxoffice). Vincent's popular products contain a special ingredient that the psychotic farmer and his sister would literally kill to keep a secret! Starring Rory Calhoun (Angel), Nancy Parsons (Porky's), Nina Axelrod (Time Walker, Cobra) and John Ratzenberger (Cheers), and directed by Kevin Connor (From Beyond The Grave, At The Earth's Core), this darkly funny flick "just might be your cup of meat" (L.A. Herald Examiner)!

Why We Love It

“With its cacklingly dark sense of humor and some unforgettably twisted visuals, Motel Hell still feels fresh and wildly unique even all these decades later.” – DVD Talk

“This Blu-Ray edition from Scream Factory features a strong transfer with natural film grain and bold color reproduction, and audio that nicely balances the clever dialogue and creepy score from Lance Rubin. The wealth of bonus features are incredibly impressive, featuring insightful documentaries and featurettes that fans will adore.” – Doctor Macabre

“Scream Factory’s Collector’s Edition Blu-ray release of Motel Hell is an all-around impressive presentation, of a fan favorite title that collector’s in the US have been waiting a long time for.” – Shawn Savage, Liberal Dead

“Once again, this time with Motel Hell, Scream Factory delivers the definitive version of yet another horror cult classic. Motel Hell looks and sounds better than ever. It’s got a bunch of great, educational and fun interviews that don’t just limit themselves to the film itself but also shed light on the careers of some of its players before and after the film… This is a super fun release and a great piece to have in your collection.” – Why So Blu

Motel Hell’s debut on Blu-ray stateside, courtesy of Scream Factory, is a long-awaited and well-rewarding release. It’s probably one of the most requested titles amongst fans that wanted the company to acquire it, and now it’s finally here for all to see in all of its people-eating, chainsaw-dueling, neck-breaking, preservative-containing glory.” – The Digital Bits

Bonus Features for UHD/Blu-ray

  • Audio Commentary With Director Kevin Connor, Moderated By Dave Parker
  • Interviews With Kevin Connor, Producers/Writers Robert Jaffe And Steven Charles Jaffe, Actor Marc Silver And Stunt Co-ordinator Gene Hartline
  • Interviews With Actors Paul Linke And Rosanne Katon
  • Ida, Be Thy Name: A Look Back At Motel Hell's Frightful Female Protagonist, Ida Smith
  • Theatrical Trailer