Lizard in a Woman's Skin (Region Free) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray


This thriller from Lucio Fulci (Perversion Story, The Eroticist) is acclaimed as a masterpiece of the Italian giallo thriller genre and its psychedelic Ennio Morricone score ranks among the best of il maestro’s work. Presented fully uncut.

Carol Hammond (Florinda Bolkan,) is a sophisticated politician’s daughter who experiences a series of vivid, psychedelic nightmares drenched in depraved sex orgies and LSD. The dreams culminate in a nightmare featuring the death of her neighbour, Julia Dürer (Anita Strindberg, The Eroticist). The next day Julia is found brutally murdered in her own apartment.The investigation, conducted by Inspector Corvin (Stanley Baker, The Guns of Navarrone, Zulu), leads to Carol’s arrest, however she is released after a mysterious man confesses to Scotland Yard that he is the murderer. Not convinced of Carol’s innocence, Corvin continues to investigate the murder and unearths new disturbing clues … Did Carol really do it or is she being framed? Where do her dreams end and reality begin?

Director: Lucio Fulci

Cast: Florinda Bolkan; Jean Sorel; Silvia Monti; Stanley Baker


  • NEW! Feature-length Audio Commentary with Howard S. Berger and Troy Howarth
  • NEW! Lucio In A Woman’s Skin - A Video Essay by The Flying Maciste Brothers
  • NEW! One, No One and One Hundred Fulcis - A Visual Essay by Howard S Berger and Francesco Massaccesi
  • NEW! Down Dangerous Roads - Kim Newman on Stanley Baker
  • Shedding The Skin- A Documentary By Kris Gavin
  • When World's Collide - Stephen Thrower on A Lizard In A Woman's Skin
  • From Burton To Baker - An Interview with actor Tony Adams
  • NEW! Lucio Fulci Trailer Reel
  • Alternate Italian Opening Credits
  • Trailers