L'Amour Braque (DVD, Special Edition)

Type: New DVD

Andrzej Zulawski’s L’Amour Braque is the story of a hideously bloody vendetta, of bonds of friendship between two men from opposite backgrounds and of love within an eternal triangle. Intended as homage to Dostoyevsky and loosely based on his novel ‘The Idiot ’, L’Amour Braque is a mad love-triangle: Léo (The Prince Of Idiots), Mary (The Virgin Whore), and Mickey (The Immoral Gangster). Zulawski’s postmodern existentialist adaptation is presented with an intense sense of visual style suggestive of the hyper-realistic and chaotic world of Bande-Dessinée. Abundant with images that persist and last in memory, from start to finish the screen is filled with outbursts of energy and eruptions of emotional violence where “notions of ‘performance as madness’ are choreographed into a perverse, bloody ballet”. L’Amour Braque displays craftwork of originality and imagination in which “moments of brilliance happen under the watchful eye of a knowing master.”