Lake Mungo (Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

Director: Joel Anderson

Starring: Rosie Traynor, David Pledger, Martin Sharpe, Talia Zucker

Sixteen-year-old Alice Palmer tragically drowns while swimming in the local dam and in the days that follow her grieving family begins to experience a series of strange and inexplicable events. Seeking the help of a parapsychologist, their search for answers reveals that Alice had been living a disturbed life and hiding dark secrets. Something had haunted their daughter and the terrifying truth awaits at Lake Mungo.

Special Features 

Archive audio commentary by Producer David Rapsey and DoP John Brawley

New audio commentary by Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Emma Westwood

Captured Spirits: an interview with DoP John Brawley

Ghost in the Machine: an interview with Producer David Rapsey

A Cop and a Friend: an interview with Actors Carole Patullo & James Lawson

Kindred Spirits: Filmmakers Justin Benson & Aaron Moorhead on Lake Mungo

Hosting Spirits: Filmmaker Rob Savage on Lake Mungo

Simulacra and Spirits: a video essay by film academic  Josh Nelson

Autopsy of a Family Home: a video essay by filmmaker Joseph Wallace

Deleted Scenes

English SDH subtitles for the hearing impaired