Kinvig: The Complete Series (DVD, Region B)

Type: New DVD

Electrical repair man Des Kinvig’s lifestyle is radically changed when he meets the beautiful Miss Griffin. She’s not only beautiful, but otherwordly too… His friend Jim, a dedicated UFO spotter, is appalled that someone as cosmically insignificant as Des should be made the recipient of stupendous revelations about the ongoing galactic struggle…

Nigel Kneale (Quatermass, Nineteen Eighty-Four), an acknowledged master of screen suspense and mystery, turns his hand to comedy in this much sough after seven part series from 1981 which features Tony Haygarth (Bleak House, Where the Heart Is), Prunella Gee (Return of the Saint, Alas Smith and Jones), Patsy Rowlands (The Canterbury Tales, George and Mildred) and Colin Jeavons (Jeremy Brett’s Sherlock Holmes, Lovejoy).

Creature of the Xux
Double, Double...
The Big Benders
Where Are You, Miss Griffin?
The Humanoid Factory
The Mystery Of Netta

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