Killer Party

Type: New Blu-Ray

It's April Fool's Day and the sisters of Sigma Alpha Pi believe they've found the perfect place to throw a party: the abandoned fraternity house where a guillotined pledge once lost his head in a hazing gone awry. But shortly after their revelry begins, the student body count starts to rise as the vengeful pledge returns from the grave and makes it a party to die for. Featuring appearances by Paul Bartel (Death Race 2000, Chopping Mall) and Martin Hewitt (Endless Love, Alien Predators) and the debut of Joanna Johnson (who would graduate a year later to her longtime best-known role on The Bold And The Beautiful), Killer Party was written by Barney Cohen (Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter) and directed by William Fruet (The House By The Lake, Spasms, Funeral Home).

Bonus Features

NEW Campus Gentleman – An Interview With Actor Ralph Seymour

NEW Head Of The Class – An Interview With Actress Sherry Willis-Burch

NEW Fool's Night – An Interview With Writer Barney Cohen

NEW Racing To The Party – An Interview With Composer John Beal

NEW Unholy Diver – An Interview With Special Make-Up Effects Artist Gordon J. Smith

NEW Dressed To Possess – An Interview With Production Designer Reuben Freed

NEW From Burbank It Came: White Sister And KILLER PARTY – An Interview With White Sister Members Gary Brandon And Dennis Churchill-Dries