Hoodoo For Beginners

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Hoodoo For Beginners: Working Magic Spells in Rootwork and Conjure with Roots, Herbs, Candles, and Oils

Angelie Belard 

Paperback, 118 pages

Are you looking for magic that actually works?

Hoodoo is old North American folk magic, born from African spiritual traditions brought over by slaves. Over the centuries it incorporated Native American and European influences, using what worked and discarding what did not. What is left is an adaptable, powerful magical system that works.

In this book you'll learn:

The history of Hoodoo, including how it relates to Voodoo

How to work with your ancestors using an ancestor altar

Why Graveyards and Crossroads are important in Hoodoo, and how to work with each safely

The importance of Spiritual Cleansing and how to do it

Which roots and herbs are important when getting started with Rootwork

How to make your own Conjure Oils and use them in your spells

Why Candle Magic is important

Simple instructions to make and use Mojo Bags to carry magic with you

And much more.

This book covers everything you need to know to get started with Hoodoo, and includes over twenty five simple spells to draw money to you, bring luck and love into your life, and protect yourself from evil.

Angelie Belard has helped hundreds of people with their problems using the potent and practical magic of Hoodoo. From customers who needed help with financial or romantic problems, to friends and loved ones who wanted a way to connect to their ancestral roots, she has used Hoodoo to improve and enrich their lives. Now she's ready to share her lifetime of learning with you.

Hoodoo was hidden by its practitioners for hundreds of years, but now you can safely get started with information you won't find anywhere else.