Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers

Type: New Blu-Ray

Retromedia presents a special High Definition Blu-ray edition from a 2K scan of the original 35mm Camera Negatives. Join Detective Jack Chandler as he tracks a runaway teen (played by Horror Queen Linnea Quigley) into the dark recesses of Los Angeles's most stringent religious cult. Beware the chainsaw-worshipping madman played by TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE's original Leatherface, Gunnar Hansen! And above all else, watch out for the saw-wielding vixen performing "The Virgin Dance of the Double Chainsaws"!


  • New Audio Commentary with Fred Olen Ray Moderated by David DeCoteau
  • Remembering "Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers" 27 Years Later
  • New Video Featurette with Michelle Bauer, Jay Richardson and Fred Olen Ray
  • Original Trailer
  • "Making of" Video
  • Nite Owl Theater

Color • 75 mins. • 5.1 Surround & 2.0 Stereo • 1080p High Definition Widescreen (1.85:1)