Heavenly Pursuits (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray


Tom Conti and Helen Mirren star in this little-seen comedy drama set at a Catholic state school in Glasgow.

Tom Conti and Helen Mirren star in Scottish writer/director Charles Gormley’s (Long Shot) charming and quirky comic drama.

Vic Mathews (Conti) and Ruth Chancellor (Mirren) are teachers at Glasgow’s Blessed Edith Semple School. When the school authorities decide to pursue full canonization of their namesake, little miracles begin to occur and Vic has to reassess his beliefs.

Featuring top drawer performances from Conti and Mirren, Heavenly Pursuits also contains Ewen Bremner’s first ever screen appearance and a score by Scottish pop star turned composer BA Robertson. This slice of 1980s Scottish cinema is sure to appeal to fans of Bill Forsyth’s Gregory’s Girl and Local Hero.