Hard Rock Nightmare w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

The "Bad Boys" are hot! Jim and his band need a place to rehearse, and the isolated family farm was perfect...no neighbors; just the band and some girls...Rock & Roll and party before the big concert tour. Unknown to the group, Jim is haunted by the memory of a demented grandfather who traumatized him as a child with stories of being a werewolf. The terrified child drove a stake through his grandfather's heart, and years of treatment have not erased the guilt or the lingering fear of his grandfather's revenge. Twenty years later the horror returns. On a full-moon night, the revelry of the band is shattered as a two-legged wolf brings slaughter to their party. Jim draws close to insanity as his friends are butchered and he must finally confront the terror from his past...Let the nightmare begin!