Halloween 3-Movie Collection

Type: New Blu-Ray

Halloween H20: 20 years ago, evil escaped incarceration in the form of Michael Myers, leading to a bloody killing spree on Halloween. Now, Michael has returned to terrorize a new generation, starting with original final-girl Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis). Halloween Resurrection: A group of college students win a contest to spend the night in the childhood home of brutal serial killer Michael Myers. They expect a few scares but none of them are prepared for what awaits them in this frightening follow-up to HALLOWEEN H20. Jamie Lee Curtis returns as Laurie Strode, heart set on stopping the masked maniac. Director Rick Rosenthal (HALLOWEEN II) returns to the franchise with this unique installment in the HALLOWEEN universe. Halloween The Curse of Michael Myers: The town of Haddonfield, Illinois, celebrates Halloween for the first time in five years, only to be joined in the festivities by maniacal mass murderer Michael Myers, with his nemesis, the inveterate psychiatrist Dr. Loomis, hot on his heels.