Free Hand For A Tough Cop w/SLIP (Limited Edition, Region Free)

Type: New Blu-Ray

From the notorious Umberto Lenzi (Nightmare City) comes Free Hand For A Tough Cop, the film that introduced Tomas Milian’s legendary ‘Monnezza’ (A.K.A Garbage Can) to audiences around the world. When the critically ill daughter of a prominent family is kidnapped by a ruthless band of thugs, Inspector Sarti (Claudio Cassinelli, Suspected Death Of A Minor) is forced to bend the rules and oversees the prison break of Sergio 'Monnezza'  Marazzi (Tomas Milian, Brothers Till We Die), a lowlife criminal with deep roots in the criminal underworld. The unlikely duo team-up in hopes of retrieving the girl and catching the infamous Brescianelli (Henry Silva, Almost Human), the crime boss behind the kidnapping, before time runs out.

Finally making its UK debut, Fractured Visions is proud to present Free Hand For A Tough Cop, a much-loved Euro Crime classic that spawned other genre staples like Umberto Lenzi’s Brothers Till We Die and Stelvio Massi’s Destruction Force. It all started here!


Collector’s Edition Slipcase

6 Art Cards

Special Collector’s Booklet with new writing by Austin Fisher, Francesco Massaccesi & text interview with Umberto Lenzi by Eugenio Ercolani


2K Restoration from the Original Camera Negative

Original Italian Mono Audio with newly translated English subtitles

English Mono Audio

Cops and Robbers: An Interview with Nino Celeste

No Small Roles: An Interview with Corrado Solari

Producing Mayhem: An Interview with Ugo Tucci

Portrait of a Daughter: An Interview with Alessandra Lenzi

Audio Commentary with Eurocrime producer Mike Martinez

Audio Commentary with Troy Howarth and Nathaniel Thompson