Flavia the Heretic (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

 Director Gianfranco Mingozzi brings us FLAVIA THE HERETIC, one of the most graphically violent of all ‘nunsploitation’ films ever. It is so uncompromising and harsh that it courts the ranks of video nasties! It is also, however, an undeniably potent and thought-provoking film, that reflects on religiously condoned violence as well as misogyny. 


Set in the middle ages, FLAVIA THE HERETIC tells the story of Flavia whose tyrannical father forces her to become a nun. After the visit of the strange sexual Tarantula cult, to the nunnery, everything changes for Flavia. As an act of rebellion, she joins forces with an army of invading Muslims and becomes a heretic. Along with them, she aims to destroy the convent and kill everyone who wronged her. Based on true events from Medieval Italy; this is an incredible story filled with murder, rape, torture and worse. Nun, Warrior and Avenger, Flavia’s will is unshakeable even when she’s eventually caught and tortured, she will stop at nothing. 


Beautifully filmed by Alfio Contini (The Night Porter) with flashes of  ‘Jodorowsky-esque’ surrealism and boasting a score by Oscar®-winning Nicola Piovani (Life is Beautiful) FLAVIA THE HERETIC is without a doubt a rare and captivating gem. Released for the first time in HD on Blu-ray, uncut, finally doing justice to the searing vision of its filmmakers.