Evil Toons

Type: New Blu-Ray
WHO KILLED ROGER RABBIT meets THE EVIL DEAD as four sexy Sorority Girls agree to clean an old spooky house and accidentally release a cartoon monster from an ancient book of demons. After the blood thirsty creature possesses one of the girls it looks bleak for the rest of the busty gang until a ghostly presence (David Carradine) arrives to save the day in this comedy romp from Cult Movie director Fred Olen Ray. Also stars Arte Johnson (LAUGH-IN), Dick Miller (LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS), Monique Gabrielle (EMMANUELLE) and Scream Queen, Michelle Bauer (HOLLYWOOD CHAINSAW HOOKERS). Special features include a new Widescreen 2K HD transfer from the original 35mm Camera Negatives, New Director's Commentary Track, Nite Owl Theater, Animation Background Plates, Rotoscope Efx Test Shots, Editor's Workprint, Blooper Reel, and Chuck Cirino's EVIL TOONS Suite.