Dream Lover

Type: New Blu-Ray

Oscar® nominee* Nicholas Kazan writes and directs Dream Lover, a sexually charged Hitchcockian “tight web of suspense” (Playboy) starring James Spader (Sex, Lies and Videotape, Pretty in Pink) and Mädchen Amick (Sleepwalkers, TV’s Twin Peaks) in a “sensuous, deadly game of romantic cat-and mouse” (Roger Ebert).

Following a chance meeting and whirlwind courtship, successful architect Ray Reardon (Spader) and new wife Lena (Amick) are settling into their second year of marriage. But cracks soon develop when Ray begins to suspect that Lena may not be the person she says she is. Parts thriller, psychological study and revenge drama, Dream Lover co-stars Bess Armstrong (The Four Seasons), Larry Miller (Pretty Woman) and Fredric Lehne (TV’s Supernatural).