Top Sensation (Region Free, DVD)

Type: New DVD

Shameless presents for the first time ever in the UK, a special Shameless edit with re-inserted previously cut scenes, and restored visuals and audio! Sensationally unique and universally acknowledged as the holy grail of exploitation cinema, yet practically unavailable anywhere, this Shameless-rebuilt release is the most-complete version of TOP SENSATION. The only film starring both Rosalba Neri and Edwige Fenech who are so exuberant, so impossibly gorgeous and act with such natural ease that, even when they stretch the boundaries (which they do, a lot!), they are always stylish and sexy. TOP SENSATION is made with a flair which manages the impossible: remaining whimsical whilst portraying behaviour bereft of human compassion in a story of psychological abuse, kidnapping, incest and pitiless murder: Attempting to cure her troubled adult sons virginity, his mother and her mostly female friends embark on her yacht where lust, double-crossings and murder are on board! Originally rejected by British censors, Shameless has re-inserted prior cut scenes: one of a girl-on-girl, threesome-ravishment and the scene that has achieved legendary Cult status, featuring the luckiest goat in the world who takes a liking and a licking to an ecstatic Fenech. Extra Information: Language: English plus separate Italian audio with EST Region: Free, zone 0.