Killer Crocodile 2 (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

If you go back in the swamp today, be sure of a BIG surprise. From special effects guru, Giannetto De Rossi (Dune), comes this blood-soaked follow-up to Killer Crocodile. The swamps of Santo Domingo are still haunted by the waste of the industrial industry and Anthony Crenna (The Blob) is out to prove the dangers plaguing the local water sources with the help of reporter, and love-interest, Liza (Debra Karr). At the same time a greedy property developer pushes to secure a location for his pet project, a swanky new holiday resort overlooking a toxic river, despite the areas problem with a mutated killer crocodile chowing down on anyone dumb enough to enter the water.


Stepping behind the camera for his first and, to date, only time, BAFTA-nominee Giannetto De Rossi (The Last Emperor) amps up the gore, set-pieces, and general nastiness to cement this sequels place in the annals of exploitation. Hold on to your limbs, because Killer Crocodile 2 is not only bigger and badder than anything that’s gone before, but it’s also beautiful, thanks to this lush 2k restoration from 88 Films.


Brand New 2K Remaster from The Original 35mm Negatives in 1.85:1 Aspect Ratio

Remastered Uncompressed English Audio

Optional SDH Subtitles

Remastered Uncompressed Italian Audio with Newly Translated Subtitles

Maidens and Flesh Eaters: A Career Spanning Interview with FX Master Gianetto de Rosso

Deleted Scenes


Reversible sleeve with newly created artwork by Jérémy Pailler and original Italian poster art