Demonic Toys: Jack-Attack

Type: New Blu-Ray

A young, orphaned girl without the ability of speech, finds that she has been gifted with the notorious Jack in the Box from the Demonic Toys.

From BABY OOPSIE director William Butler, comes the next mad movie pulled screaming out of the DEMONIC TOYS universe: JACK-ATTACK! In this dark, eerie sidebar sequel, the malevolent jack-in-the-box is up to his usual evil tricks as he and his familiar enter the life of a young, mute orphan girl, with murder and mayhem erupting all around them. Can this putrid plaything and his killer clown proxy be stopped? Cinema Crazed says DEMONIC TOYS: JACK-ATACK is "CHILD'S PLAY 2 meets BASKET CASE" while calls the film "Freaky" with "Nightmarish Visuals''. Get ready for a scary, stylish good time...get ready for the wrath of JACK-ATTACK!

Bonus Materials

  • Vintage Full Moon Features Trailers
  • Original Baby Oopsie Videozone
  • Original Dollman VS Demonic Toys Videozone
  • Original Demonic Toys Videozone
  • Official Trailer