Dangan Runner (Region B)

Type: New Blu-Ray

The famous Japanese director SABU (Happiness, Mr. Long, Miss Zombie) made his debut with the 1996 film DANGAN RUNNER, which gets its first UK release and worldwide bluray debut through Third Window Films.

DANGAN RUNNER (aka NON-STOP) is the story of three losers brought together by fate with disastrous results. A would-be bank robber forgets his mask on his first big heist, and then botches an attempt to shoplift a replacement mask from a nearby convenience store. The store's clerk, a washed-up rock star, chases the thief and literally runs into a Yakuza thug to whom he owes money. Thus begins an all-night, three-way pursuit through the streets of Tokyo.


Interview with director Sabu

Audio Commentary by film critic Jasper Sharp

VCinema: Video Essay by Tom Mes