The Final Programme (Region B) w/SLIP

Type: New Blu-Ray

Jon Finch heads an impressive cast as the flamboyant anti-hero in this dystopian, darkly humorous sci-fi thriller from cult director Robert Fuest. The Final Programme is based on Michael Moorcock's acclaimed 1968 novel of the same name and has been newly restored.

In a far-off future, mankind is in a state of decay. But a group of scientists believe they have found the means to move humanity on to its next level in the creation of an ideal, self-replicating - and thus immortal - human being. Jerry Cornelius, Nobel Prize-winning physicist and playboy adventurer, is vital to the project's success: his recently deceased father devised the formula of this 'final programme'. However, the formula is captured on a microfilm hidden in the vaults of the family's mansion, and jealously guarded by Jerry's drug-addicted, psychopathic brother, Frank...

Part of the STUDIOCANAL Cult Classics collection.


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